Travel to America.

California, Utah, Arizona. October 2021.

Walking in America.

California, Utah, Arizona. October 2021.

The Kola Peninsula. September 2021.

Под небом созданы на редкость сильные места,
Где вместе собраны: природы мощь и красота.
Все грани Севера однажды повстречались здесь,
Чтоб человек узнал: кто он на самом деле есть…

© А.Гусарин 17/11/2021

An unforgettable vacation at the edge of the world.Rybachy Peninsula. September 2021.

The magic of the night.A colorful action played out in the firmament.The Kola Peninsula. September 2021.

At the edge of the world.

The Kola Peninsula. August 2021.


Kamchatka. July 2021.

Northern nature, clean lakes, intoxicating air, legendary Kizhi islands, Bodies… Here it is easier to breathe, eyes shine, inspiration comes and everything bad is forgotten.

Paradise in Karelia, close to my heart, too.

Karelia. August 2021.

Karelia is a land of endless lake surface and fascinating sunsets, a region of tall pines and boulders that keep centuries-old secrets. Karelia is the air filled with the aromas of pine needles and shady thickets of the trail, it is the singing of birds and the delicious cloudberry berry.

The frozen music of the North.Kizhi Island is a wooden fairy tale in the middle of Lake Onega.Kizhi churches are unique beauties! Kizhi-have a unique property. They are always beautiful, at any time of the day, in any weather.Kizhi is a phantom. This is a dream. It’s an elusiveness. This is an elusive beauty.

Amazing islands of the White Sea: the archipelago of the Body. A magical world filled with the energy of the North Sea and the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets.Stunning rock views, the smell of the North Sea, the sounds of approaching tidal waves, ancient labyrinths and incredibly beautiful landscapes!

Rest on the edge of the earth. The Kola Peninsula. June 2021. Unforgettable adventures organized by Tundra House Tourist complex #TUNDRAHOUSE.

The edge of the non-setting sun. Karelia. June 2021

Karelia is one of the most beautiful regions of Russia. The country of Lakes. A country of calm northern nature.

ON THE EDGE OF THE EARTH. Teriberka. May 2021.        A place of power and unique natural phenomena. The rocky edge of lakes and tundra. Time freezes here, and legends come to life!